The whole treatment takes less than 10 minutes and will give you back the confidence to wear whatever you want

The whole treatment takes less than 10 minutes and will give you back the confidence to wear whatever you want



Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common disorder which produces a lot of unhappiness. An estimated 2-3% of westerners reported to suffer from excessive sweating of the underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis) or of the palms and soles of the feet (palmoplantar hyperhidrosis). Underarm problems tend to start in late adolescence, while palm and sole sweating often begins earlier, around the age 13 (on the average). Untreated, these problems may continue throughout life.

Sweating is embarrassing, it stains clothes, ruins romance, and complicates business and social interactions. Severe cases can have serious practical consequences as well, making it hard for people who suffer from it to hold a pen, grip a car steering wheel, or shake hands.

What is the cause of Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Although neurologic, metabolic, and other systemic diseases can sometimes cause excessive sweating, most cases occur in people who are otherwise healthy. Heat and emotions may trigger hyperhidrosis in some, but many who suffer from hyperhidrosis sweat nearly all the time, regardless of their mood or the weather.

Do You…

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Change Clothes Often, Not Wear Light Colours?

Feeling Your Quality Of Life is Being Affected?

At certain times of the day or after having alcohol, coffee, tea, hot or spicy food?

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Hyperhidrosis in simple terms is also known as excessive sweating. It is a condition characterized by abnormally excessive sweating which is not related to heat or exercise. The sweat glands are usually overactive in an individual experiencing this condition leading to excessive sweat production.

Primary idiopathic hyperhidrosis: “Idiopathic” means “of unknown cause.” In the majority of cases, the hyperhidrosis is localized.

Secondary hyperhidrosis: The person sweats too much because of an underlying health condition, such as obesity, gout, menopause, tumour, mercury poisoning, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism. Primary idiopathic hyperhidrosis: “Idiopathic” means “of unknown cause.” In the majority of cases, the hyperhidrosis is localized.

Botulin injection is FDA approved as a treatment for severe underarm sweating. However, our experienced doctors have taken a step further to maximize its use for controlling excessive sweating in some other parts of the body. Do not hesitate to consult us if you are experiencing heavy sweating in any area of your body. We are always willing to help.

To start with, the overactive sweat gland in the specific part in your underarms is determined. A series of microinjections containing a unique dose (50-100units) of Botulin injection is then given at the localized area in a quick, 10-15 minutes procedure.

We consider the safety of our clients very paramount even in our efforts to help them achieve their skin goals. Our commitment to safety means that:

  • We only use Botulin injection from a recognized and trusted supplier, Allergan
  • Our experienced doctors double-check every stage of the procedure
  • We keep in touch and monitor clients days and weeks after treatment


  • Botulin injections FDA approved for excessive sweating in the underarms
  • It has proven to be 99% effective for sweating in the underarms

We do not recommend the use of Botulin injection for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers or individuals with any type of neurological disorder.

You should notice some changes for the better within a week of your treatment.

Different people have different responses to treatment. In a clinical trial, sweat production was reduced by 83% one week after treatment. Furthermore, sweating was reduced by at least half in 95% of patients. Your next treatment can be given when the effects of the first course wear off, this usually happens after 5 to 8 months.

Depending on the sweat glands of the individual, you may require just a single treatment within a year or maybe 2 treatments. We usually arrange a follow-up appointment 2-4 weeks after initial treatment in order to monitor the progress of the treatment.