Having dermal fillers can be your secret but everyone will comment on how fresh and healthy you look.
Do it for you!

Having dermal fillers can be your secret but everyone will comment on how fresh and healthy you look.
Do it for you!



As we age, we lose essential collagen in our face, and it can become flatter and starts to sag. Deeper grooves can develop around your mouth, eyes can look hollower, and lips become thinner. The ageing process begins in our mid 20′, so it’s no wonder self-confidence can take a hit.

When the dermal filler is injected into the target area, it draws in water and moisture to plump-up and hydrates the skin. The dermal filler will mesh into normal skin tissue, giving you instantly smoother skin, lifted grooves and adding volume.

Dermal fillers can help restore our youthful appearance and tackle sagging skin to prevent facial structures starting to drop. Collagen, which is found in the network of your skin, acts like scaffolding for the face. As we age, this starts to break down. Fillers simply replace that lost collagen lifting the flatter areas and refreshes your look.


What are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers?



40 minutes


Repeat every 12-18 months


Numbing cream / lotion


Occasional bruising and swelling rarely lumps


12+ months


Restored volume with soft tissue augmentation




If bruising occurs allow 10 days


12+ months

Treatment Areas with Dermal Fillers

If you have a slim face, as we age, the temples become hollower and more sunken. The temples are the small flat areas either side of your face to the edge of your eyebrows, running up and backwards to the hairline.

This area can often hold a lot of tension when we develop headaches. As bone density changes and shrinks in the area with fat break down, temples become sunken and hollow. This creates a ‘skeletal look’ which affects the overall appearance and youthful aspect on the face.

We have extensive training in facial anatomy and understand the safe place to inject dermal filler to help create a more rounded face. This adds volume back to the area and can have the added bonus of sometimes lifting the side of the brow area.

Do you wish your cheekbones were higher and more prominent to frame your face? Dermal filler can be used to create a lovely contoured cheek to give a more feminine look or to restore loss of cheekbone as we age. The staff here have been lifting, sculpting and defining cheeks for years!

We can give you a more glamorous angle to your cheeks, perfect for your blushers and highlighters to frame your face or offer restoration of your cheeks that have sunken in over the years.

Placing filler in the cheekbone area can also have the added effect lifting your lower face and improving areas like the nose to mouth lines.

We recommended 1ml on each side and offer a firm volumising filler that will help enhance your own cheekbones and give you a more youthful look.

As we age, our lips can become thinner and lose their borders, creating a tighter look to the mouth. The mouth and lip area look less youthful and can develop more wrinkles. You may also be finding your lipsticks and lip-liners are smudging and not helping you to achieve a luscious look on a night out.

Lip enhancements shouldn’t be scary. The team will give you total control over the amount injected, and where it is placed in the lip. If you are unsure what you want, we can advise you on the day assessing your particular lip shape and size to give you a great result.

Lips can simply be plumped up or boarders can be injected to give more shape and a sexy pout. At the clinic, we also offer a selection of dermal fillers you can choose from depending on the look you would like, from natural and subtle to more glamorous.

We have extensive experience in treating lips for all different ages.

We believe in a stepwise approach to building lips up. We generally offer 1ml to the top and bottom lip and follow simple lip rules for a natural look.

  • The lower lip should always be fuller than the upper lip with a ratio of around 1:6. If the upper lip becomes more prominent, this gives a trout pout effect. Look Lovely London is firmly against trout pout looks!
  • Full pouty lips can be sexy, but if you look like you are pouting even without making that facial movement, so all the time, you have too much filler in the lip. The full pout is a clear giveaway you have over-done it on the fillers – we are firmly against this.

People don’t need to guess you have had a treatment. We are very much against the duck-lips, or over-filled sausage effect that dermal filler can create with a practitioner with little experience.

We love treating lips and have been doing them for years. We promise you will leave the clinic delighted with your new look!

These lines or deep grooves appear over time around the mouth and can be ageing. They occur as collagen breaks down in the face with loss of elasticity. We therefore develop a drop in the higher facial tissues which creates a ledge and a fold around the mouth area. These folds appear gradually over time but can be a clear give away of our age.

Placing a soft dermal filler in this area to help smooth the grooves and create a more gentle and uniform look can make a big difference to the face. At the clinic we have had over a decade of experience in treating these lines.

The treatment will simply restore the collagen that has been lost over the yeas and can lift the face. No one will assume you have had the treatment as no one will be able to pin-point what has changed. You will feel confident and fresh with no more make-up caking in the lines around your mouth or dark grooves coming up in photos.

The loss of collagen around the corners of the mouth creating grooves and a sad look on the face tends to happen in our 40’s. It is a cruel aspect of ageing and tends to be the biggest concern for many clients. These folds can be an age give away as the sides of your face drag down to create a grumpy look, even when you feel happy. Dermal filler can be used to lift and clear the sad mouth look. Wave bye-bye to those marionette lines that make you look and feel older than you are.

But why are they called marionette lines may clients ask us? This is a French word that described a wooden puppet that can open and close it’s mouth vertically, without the rest of the face moving.

These lines are formed due to gravity, loss of volume, and the pull of the depressor muscle attached to the edge of the lips, which becomes tighter over time. This results in your mid-cheek areas dropping down with deep creases developing. A small amount of dermal filler in this area typically half a syringe on each side can create a more uniform smooth look.

We often combined this treatment with a small anti-wrinkle injection to help stop the pull of the depressor muscle as well. This combination treatment can make a real difference to the lower face area.

Some of us are lucky and have a well contoured chin that balances our face and creates a lovely shape to it. However, some have a slightly recessed chin (set further back), a small chin or a flat chin. They are often referred to as a ‘weak chin’ that does not suit our face. Injecting dermal filler into the chin area is an excellent way to create a more defined profile.

When injected the right way the chin fillers can create a more heart shaped feminine look to the face for women or a more prominent, defined and masculine shape for men. A well-shaped chin frames the whole lower face. Chin treatments can make a huge difference to the proportions of the face giving you a new balanced look.

Do you look in the mirror and feel tired with dark bags and grooves under your eyes? If so a tear trough treatment is a fantastic way to brighten the area, make you feel more refreshed, and with minimal downtime and side effects.

The tear trough area is located between your lower eyelid and cheek. Ageing and the stresses of life can cause volume loss and darkness. A number of factors contribute to the formation of tear troughs; loss of collagen, reduced elastins and fat in the area, and a change in the bone mass creating deeper eye sockets.

Having more prominent tear troughs can also be due to genetic causes. Clients often say mum or dad also have these eyes. Sometimes darker skins have more pronounced grooving and pigmentation.

As the filler is placed in the area it forms a water-based film underneath the skin. This hydrates the area, lightens the pigmentation, by reflecting the light differently, and can also reduce fine lines in the area. The treatment rejuvenates tired eyes areas and plumps up hollow eyes.

At our clinic, we have been reversing the tired eye look for years placing the soft gentle filler in the delicate area with a cannula. This is a thin bendy blunt tube that passes through tissue safety to reduce any injury. The rounded end ensures it moves around any important structures, therefore, avoiding complications that can occur with a sharp needle. Bruising during this treatment is rare using a cannula. This is the only safe and correct way to administer dermal filler under the eyes.

Have you always felt self-conscious about the profile of your nose but have concerns about actual plastic surgery? Then the non-surgical rhinoplasty can be a safe and effective treatment giving you a nose you are happier with.

The nose is a very prominent feature on the face and subtle changes in the shape or size can make a big difference to your facial appearance.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty involves placing small amounts of filler in areas where there are structural defects along your nasal bridge and tip of the nose. This can correct a bump, hook or deviation in the nose to create a straighter and more balanced face. Placing filler in the tip of the nose can lift the end of the nose to help any nasal droop giving a thinning more refined look

Davina and the team have been highly trained in this advanced technique by one of the top ENT surgeons in London. We understand the delicate anatomy of the nose. We have a safe method of injecting into the bridge and cartilage to minimise bruising and prevent damage of deeper structures. We always use an aspiration method of injecting to ensure no important vessels are affected.

The procedure takes 30 minutes and has minimal discomfort with the results being instantaneous. After the procedure you will feel a little swollen and the nose may feel slightly uncomfortable, but this clears within a few days. The results can last up to 12 months.

Filler in this area can enhance the jawline bone by increasing the volume and structure of the angles. This gives an impression of a more defined neck and can also create a more chiseled contour and profile of the face. The treatment is popular for both men and women. Whether it is to create a strong masculine jaw or a more feminine v-shape silhouette, we can achieve this at our clinic. The filler is gently placed around the jawline angle with a safe cannula and this gives a more angular and sculpted look. The results are subtle enough for no one to guess, but after a treatment you will feel a great new definition to your lower face

When you arrive for your free consultation, you will be asked to fill out your health questionnaire before the appointment, so when the doctor meets you, she has a good understanding of who you are.

The doctor will go through your full history, discussing past treatments you have had and listen to your story. We also want to know if you have any worries or concerns. And most importantly, the results you would like to achieve.

We will always be honest with you and assess your suitability for dermal fillers. If the team feel other lifting procedures like the HIFU or surgical options would be better, we’ll tell you.

We are not driven by profit; we are committed to offering the best advice and treatments available in the industry. We are also conscious of budgets and will never make you feel uncomfortable by pushing you into treatments.

Once you’ve decided to have a treatment, you will be offered numbing cream for 15 minutes; this ensures the procedure is entirely comfortable.

We take time to prep your skin with cream, ice packs and local anaesthetic in the product to ease your nerves. The doctor will spend the time necessary to give you the best possible results.

With our light-handed technique, at the worst, you will feel a sharp scratch and a little pressure as the filler is injected. This will ease with further injections when the local anaesthetic in the gel starts to work.

The results are instant, and you walk away feeling the new you. There can be some redness and swelling that occurs but typically clears within 20 minutes so you can get right back to your busy day.

Sometimes bruising can come out a day later which can be covered with concealer. It does make sense to plan your diary to carry out lip fillers at least seven days before a big party or an event as more swelling can occur in this area.

If the doctor does notice more bruising during a procedure, then you can be offered a prescription cream, to help accelerate the break-down of the bruise and the healing. This is only offered on rare occasions as in most cases, bruising is minimal.

The team is always here to address any worries or concerns after the procedure. Our before and aftercare is fantastic. We will give you all the information on how to care for your face once treated.

The clinic also offers free two-week reviews for any client giving us an excellent opportunity to assess the result and provide further advice.





Ultra Thin

$ 295

Thin (Subtle Volume Enhancement)

$ 498

Medium (Structured Volume Enhancement)

$ 598

Thick – Deep Tissue Volume Enhancement)

From $ 640 to $ 898 

Chic Cheeks

$ 889

Prices very competitive.

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Your treatment will last between 6-18 months, depending on the area treated and how your body breaks down the product.

Lips generally around 6 months and the break down of the filler depends on whether you smoke, exercises or talk a lot!

Filler around the jawline or in the cheeks can last 18 months or more as the filler tends to be more viscous with stronger cross-links.

In our opinion, dermal fillers offer better results than any top brand moisturising creams, last longer and financially work out to be far better.

Dermal fillers provide structure to the skin to help lift grooves and lines. The product is hydrophilic and pulls in moisture so helps keep the area hydrated.

We only use top brands that have had rigorous testing with clinical trials and proven results.

At the clinic we use filler especially made for the lips as they tend to be soft but versatile.

For fillers in the cheeks and jawline we suggest a firmer more volumising filler that will go close to the bone and last for up to 18 months

When it comes to dermal fillers it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’. You need to ensure you go to an experienced practitioner that stocks a wide selection of fillers. Your face can then be assessed and you can be offered a filler best suited to you.

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is a soft gel that is as close to human collagen as possible. It is made up of sugar molecules.

It is very safe and does not cause allergic reactions.

The cross-links within the filler give it stability and the ability to add volume and definition to the face.

Dermal fillers can be broken down easily by a product cause hyalase, so if you felt you were not happy with the results the filler can be easily cleared.