DNA Renewal

Ingredients by nature, for science…



Our story starts with our founder, Dr Ronald L. Moy, a world-renowned research-driven dermatologist, who is a past president of the American Academy of Dermatology and currently serves as a Senior Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation. With over 25 years of specialising in skincare, skin cancer and skin cancer research, Dr Moy is passionate about skin health. As national skin cancer rates have risen over the years, it became clear to Dr Moy that sunscreen alone is not enough to prevent skin cancer and UV related ageing, and he began to research other ways to help his patients. After reading studies about the success of DNA Repair Enzymes in helping to repair damaged DNA, Dr Moy began to formulate DNA Renewal in order to help reduce skin cancer rates and improve skin health with the most effective and clean ingredients available.


Our motto beyond beauty, pure science sums up DNA Renewal’s philosophy. Skincare isn’t just about beauty, it’s about understanding what causes your skin concerns on a deeper, chemical and biological level and using the most natural and effective ingredients for the best results.


Our ingredients are sourced from all over the globe for the purest and most potent material and then produced in Southern California where we are based. Plus, our formulas are clinically tested on people, never animals, to ensure the best and most effective results for your skin concerns. Skincare is a science that we know inside and out which is why we source the best, most effective ingredients derived from natural material for all of our products.



Harvested from marine material such as plankton and algae, these enzymes boost your skin’s natural ability to repair damage from sun, pollutants and ageing for thicker and healthier looking skin.

Found in: DNA Intensive Renewal, DNA Eye Renewal, DNA Eye Balm, DNA Night Renewal, DNA Restoring Mask, DNA Scar Therapy, DNA Sheer Defense Light & Medium, DNA Sheer Defense Non-Tinted, DNA Lip Balm.


Bioengineered from barley grown in geothermic water, this pure growth factor stimulates your skin for tightening, smoothing and evening effects on skin’s appearance and texture.
Found in: DNA Regeneration Serum, DNA Eye Balm.