Your makeup will last twice as long®



The makeup finish was invented during thousands of hours spent listening to womens’ top complaints about their makeup at cosmetics counters. The result was the creation of a near weightless, breathable, over makeup mist that keeps makeup perfectly applied for up to 16 hours.Today there are various forms of the makeup finish that are geared to specific skin types, events, and climates.

Makeup looks great after it’s applied, and then it starts to crease, clump, slide, get shiny, or dry out. Everything from subtle facial movements to hot sun or dry cold causes makeup to break down throughout the day. Our mists greatly slow the process holding a freshly applied look.

Mostly everyday women and a few names we can’t tell you. Sold professionally in Hollywood, Broadway, and Las Vegas and are consistently used on multiple movie sets and major stage performances. Celebrities use Skindinavia makeup finishes to keep makeup fresh under hot lights, during very active use, and to minimize touch ups. We have been featured on NBC’s Today Show where our mists were proclaimed a “kind of genius” and in Vogue Magazine as a 2009 “Top 10.”

Skindinavia maintains a customer satisfaction percentage of over 98%, so the answer is likely yes. How do I use it? It is applied as 2-4 sprays over finished makeup. For best results, shake well and spray 8-10 inches from your face.

It is near weightless and contains breathable ingredients. The mist is so fine and of such quality that it is undetectable. The finish dries completely in seconds.